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Boll N Roll’s concept

Our vision

Boll N Roll has a conscious and new vision of food and contributes to its scale to change the world with food.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring the ideal food solution to a whole society by providing a unique and memorable experience.

Our products

The quality of our products is the major pillar of our offers.

We are committed to cook fresh and healthy products by choosing to work with local producers only.

Our 4 pillars

Our history

Every dish we prepare and every moment spent in our establishments must improve the lives of people on a daily basis”

This quotation is the leading idea that allowed Boll N Roll‘s concept to be brought to live by Azim Hosseini and Melvin Marthély in June 2018. 


Here is the story of this ethical business and in tune with its generation, laying a paving stone on the road to a better world.

BIRTH : 1994 – 1996

Azim Hosseini came to earth in Afghanistan, and Melvin Marthély in the French capital, Paris.


Azim leaves his homeland for a long trip to the west, Melvin meanwhile leaves the capital the same year for a provincial city named Tours.

MEETING UP: 2011-2014

The two students at the time meet on a bench at Albert Bayet vocational school in Tours. Then follow 3 years of studies and adventures where an immense complicity is born..

ODDS : 2014 – 2016

While the two friends are freshly graduated from their professional cooking degree, they are also admitted to the same school and will enroll onto a bachelors degree within the hostelry industry at Jacques Cœur high school in Bourges..

DESTINY : 2016 – 2017

Since all this was not enough and because they think big, they decided to push their studies for a License of creation and management of business in the restoration..

Homecoming and beginning: 2018

It is therefore after 7 years of adventures, emotions, sharing and reflections that Boll N Roll takes shape. And because, when we know where we come from, we know where we are going, the opening city is fixed at Tours..

Discover all our history with our magazine: :

Our team

“The cohesion of a team makes the success of a company”


Azim’s life experiences, travels and sense of entrepreneurship allowed him to objectively visualize the expectations of our contemporary world.

He brings every day his qualities and ideas to make Boll N Roll the company of today and tomorrow.


Melvin, globetrotter and eager for new knowledge, has forged a strong theoretical and practical background through various positions and experiences in Europe, Asia and North America.

His daily approach aims to bring a proactive and conscious dynamic of the company.


Alban, a passionate and experienced cook joined the Boll N Roll team at the opening. He is at the origin of your favorite recipes and innovates every day to make you discover new flavors.


Paul, brings his touch to Boll N Roll since early November after a one-year trip to Canada.

He cooks side by side with Alban and manages social networks.

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