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melvin et azim
Boll 'N Roll


Every meal we offer and every moment spent in our restaurants should improve people’s daily lives.

Boll N Roll is above all a human and balanced adventure… It was on the bench of Albert Bayet high scholl in Tours that Azim And Melvin Met in 2012. Their shared visions and their want to change the world have shaped Boll N Roll concept from scratch in 2018. The succes was immediate and the adventure has just begun….

Boll'N Roll
Boll 'N Roll

Our Vision

Boll N Roll has a conscious and new vision of food and contributes to its scale to change the world with food.

Boll 'N Roll

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the ideal food solution to a whole society by providing a unique and memorable experience.

Boll 'N Roll

Our Ethic

Based on its values, it is easy to make the right decisions.

Boll 'N Roll


majeste de la graine

Sa Majeste de la graine

Specialized in the production of French seeds, traced, greedy and responsible, Sa Majesté de La Graine was created in 2019 by Marion and Damien in Berry (18). To find in all our Falafel and Hoummous recipes!

basse cour

La Basse Cour

La basse Cour is Located in “Les Halles de Tours”. Mickael Guerche, owner of “ La Basse Cour ” brand, offers free-range chicken raised in the open air in the Loire Valley. To discover in the ``Paris`` recipe.

la loere


Over the years, La Loere has established itself as the benchmark for organic and artisanal Tourangelles drinks! Created 10 years ago by Cyril Langlois, this company offers tasty, natural and refreshing drinks! Perfect to accompany your favorite Boll N Roll!

chat des champs

Le Chat des Champs

Yaming CUI makes an artisanal tofu every day in the tradition with organic and local soya beans from Betz le Chateau( 37). Le Chat Des Champs ”was created in 2018 by Yaming in Nouzilly (37). To find in the ``Saint`` recipe.

quinoa anjou

Le Quinoa d'Anjou

This is the first French Quinoa sector. Cultivated in Anjou for 10 years by producers of the Coopérative des Pays de la Loire (CAPL) in partnership with Abottagra, all committed to a superior quality approach. To discover in the ``Yogi`` recipe.

maison gramm

La Maison Gramm

Artisan roaster in Tours, La Maison Gramm offers exceptional coffees selected directly from small producers. Nothing like finishing your Boll N Roll!

Boll 'N Roll


Boll 'N Roll