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Open at the end of June just a few metres from Plumereau Square, Boll'N Roll is a beautiful part of Vegan recipes, gluten-free and balanced dishes.

Healthy eating when on doesn't have much time? This is the bet that launched Boll'N Roll arrived rue du Commerce end of June. And let's say it all Go: This restaurant is our kick of the fall (yes, after putting on the barbecues of the summer and a few days of the 10 & 20 km of tours, a little healthy food will not hurt us!) …

A new place for lunch or snack.

Have we just entered a Fast Food? A first view on Might say yes… In terms of Deco, Boll'N Roll in anticipation all codes: Open on June 30th, this new trade street sign replaces a managerial store, and imagined a wooded decor with some tables, a large counter to order, a beverage cupboard … The message is clear: here we could ask but we come mostly to eat on the go… and balanced.

Sanois, it is not in the kitchen of a large restaurant that we find them but computer in this small street sign of the trade of towers that they hope to develop in franchise.

All-New All-Beautiful: Boll'N Roll
Azim Hosseini

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